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CNIM Air Space is ISO 9001 certified and is compliant with European aerospace standards (EASA CS - 31TGB, ECSS). The company controls the global production of its high added value products, from the design to the integration of payloads and maintenance.  


Thanks to a strong engineering capacity, CNIM Air Space designs innovative flexible materials, assembles high performance fabrics and films, and develops specific equipment to answer the highly demanding requirements of its customers, such as the French space agency (CNES), Thales group, Airbus group or the French MoD (DGA).

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Tethered aerostats



Tethered aerostats

CNIM Air Space's tethered aerostats enable to take onboard payloads answering surveillance and/or telecommunications needs. Compared to drones or standard aircrafts, the added value of tethered aerostats is their persistence. This persistence offers tethered aerostats the capacity to achieve missions over several months while taking onboard up to 250 kg of payloads, up to 1000 meters high.

A tethered aerostat is an aerostat (aircraft which can fly and stay up in the air thanks to a lighter-than-air gas) linked to the ground by a tether (cable) which, in most applications, supplies power and sends data to the ground station.

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Thanks to its mastery of technical and industrial niche skills in aerostat science, CNIM Air Space leads tailor-made airship projects, suited to its customers' needs.

For instance, CNIM Air Space has a R&D partnership contract with RTE (French electric transmission system operator) which aims to develop a « drone » airship.

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Beyond its offer of tethered aerostats and airships, Airstar also offers

  • Stratospheric balloons
  • Equipped envelope for Stratobus™
  • Thermal protections for satellites

Stratospheric balloons

The main application of stratospheric balloons is to support scientific research. For instance, they give the ability to study the atmosphere and its chemical exchanges, to carry astronomy experiences and to approve technical concepts.

CNIM Air Space stratospheric balloons have the ability to take onboard a large range of payloads, from a few kilograms to several tons. They fly in the stratosphere, between 20 kilometers and 40 kilometers high.

Air Space is a key partner of the French space agency (CNES) for its « balloon » campaigns, all around the globe (Strato-Science campaign, Austral campaign, …)

CNIM Air Space’s stratospheric balloons

Equipped envelope for Stratobus™

Thanks to its unique know-how in high performance flexible materials assembly, CNIM Air Space is a reliable and key industrial partner to design and manufacture tailor-made equipped envelopes (hull, ballonet, pressure control system, …)

CNIM Air Space develops the equipped envelope of Stratobus, the stratospheric airship program led by Thales Alenia Space.

Air Space’s unique know-how for Stratobus™

Thermal protections for satellites

The components of satellites are protected from thermal radiations thanks to multi-layer insulations. Those insulations are called thermal protections for satellites or MLI (multi-layer insulation). They are manufactured in Airstar Aerospace’s clean room (ISO 8 level): a job which can only be done by highly qualified operators.

Thanks to a recognized know-how (from 3D modelling, to MLI manufacturing and AIT on customer’s site), CNIM Air Space works with the main European satellite manufacturers.

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