Motorized Floating Bridge (PFM)

Tactical Wet Gap Crossing Capability for MLC 70T/80W class vehicles


The Motorized Floating Bridge  (PFM) is a solution dedicated to continuous or discontinuous crossing of wet gaps for MLC 70T/80W class vehicles (accotding to STANAG 2021 standarts). It can also be tasked for civilian use, during natural disasters for example.

Currently in service in the French Army, The PFM is also the tactical chosen solution of Land Forces. In order to answer the field stakes, two configurations are available: a fixed bridge or a ferry.

The PFM in action


  • Easy & safe launching & assembly
  • Set-up time : 30’ for 100 m long bridge
  • Suitable for MLC 70T/80W class vehicles
  • Crossing flow : 250 vehicles / hour

Manufacturing and maneuverability

Built from self-propelled sections, the PFM is outcome of rugged design. To 360° maneuverability, it can be deployed with a minimum staff and adapted to natural bank adaptability.

Deployed as a continuous floating bridge

Highly resistant to fatigue and strong currents, the PFM is a rigid potoon assuring a completly safe crossing. 

Deployed as a ferry

Thanks to its motorized modules and its controlled launching with crew on-board, the PFM can be rapidly deployed for discontinuous crossing.


Expeditionary Options

CNIM recently announced the development and construction of several equipment that will enable the PFM to better meet the current and future needs of the Army from 2019 onwards:

Module remote control unit: 33 men instead of 42 to build a 100 m long bridge

Short ramp integrated on module: 2 trucks instead of 4 to build a 20 m long ferry


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