L-CAT Ship-to-Shore MK II

High speed sea connector

After 10 years of service in the French and Egyptian navies, the L-CAT® Ship-to-Shore has been redesigned to meet the future needs of the world’s navies. The L-CAT® Ship-to-Shore MK II is faster and adapted to operations in harsh militar environment (capability for self-defence, armouring).

High speed – 35 knots

High payload – 80 tons

Very shallow water operations

L-CAT® - 2 ships in 1 -The High Speed Sea Connector for Amphibious Operations

Highly mobile and maneuverable, the L-CAT® Ship-to-Shore MK II ensures the rapid projection of tactical units during amphibious operations conducted from NATO well decks.




Length / Width

30 m / 12 m

Draft at full load

1 m

Speed at full load / light ship

25 / 35 kts

Normal / Maximum payload

80 / 100 t

Platform area

127 m²


500 nm

Sea state



2 x 20 + 1 x 12,7 mm

Amphibious operations

Landing of vehicles, in any beach, slipway, dock

Door-to-door operations with NATO amphibious ship

Deployment at sea of amphibious assets, RHIBs, interceptors

Assistance with beach reconnaissance with robot deployment

Disaster relief operations

Ready for amphibious operations, the L-CAT® ship-to-shore interfaces with the other CNIM landing crafts, the LCA and LCX.

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