Innovative Amphibious Craft

All CNIM landing craft have world class performances:

very shallow draft (≈ 1m), heavy payload, high speed, access to very low gradient beaches (2%) to address all kinds of missions.

Amphibious operations

Naval operations

Maritime security

High speed and maneuverable sea connector of tactical units during amphibious operations conducted from LPD with NATO well deck

L-CAT® Ship-to-Shore MK II

Stand-alone Force Projection Craft with high speed and large payload capacity for amphibious & logistics operations

L-CAT® Shore-to-Shore

Operational support for Ground Forces dockable in all LPDs  class (NATO and Makassar)

LCA® Landing Craft Assault

Major asset to Naval Forces during antisubmarine warfare support and minesweeping support

LCX Landing Craft X missions

Amphibious operations from NATO well decks

Amphibious ships can carry one of each CNIM landing craft (L-CAT®, LCA, LCX) to ensure various missions from ship-to-shore or at sea.

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