Defense, Security and Digital Intelligence

Defense, Security and Digital Intelligence

A major partner in the defense and security sector, CNIM has been supporting armed forces since 1856. It offers a range of reliable equipment and solutions, fully tested and at the leading edge of technology. Applications range from force projection by land or sea to the protection of individuals, companies and nation states.


Time to deploy the 26 m assault bridge


Landing craft draught while beaching


Maximum distance for detection of threats using the FusionSight® night vision device

Bridging Systems

CNIM has been developing systems for the projection of land forces since 1979. Technologically ambitious, their exceptional durability enables heavy vehicles to cross either dry or wet gaps. Proven in operational conditions, they increase the tactical resources available for both military and humanitarian missions.

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Unmanned Ground Vehicles (UGV)

The Tracked Hybrid Modular Infantry System, or THeMIS for short, is the first hybrid fully modular unmanned ground vehicle in the world. CNIM is the exclusive supplier of the THeMIS UGV developed by Milrem Robotics, in France.

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Amphibious Craft

CNIM designs innovative landing craft for amphibious operations, naval operations and maritime security missions. 
CNIM also proposes turnkey local partnerships for manufacturing, while guaranteeing landing craft's performances.

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Naval Equipment

CNIM designs, manufactures and commissions naval equipment for complex high-performance applications, on board surface vessels and submarines. With a global understanding of the functional and operational issues faced by the Naval Defense sector, CNIM is able to meet the strictest performance requirements and cost control.

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Deterrent Systems

As a leading player in France’s nuclear deterrent programs since 1961, CNIM is the sole supplier of missile launch systems for nuclear submarines. CNIM has also been involved in large-scale experiments of the Laser Mégajoule, France’s inertial confinement fusion device. CNIM also leads complex and highly technical development projects and is continuously innovating in the areas of materials, mechanics, welding and optomechanics, among others. 

Tethered aerostats & Airships

Working with the main stakeholders of the defense, aeronautic and space industries, CNIM Air Space is a subsidiary of CNIM Group recognized as a major player in the fields of designing and manufacturing aerostats (tethered aerostats, stratospheric balloons, and airships) and thermal protections for satellites.

Tethered aerostats & Airships

Detection of nuclear, radiological, biological and chemical threats

Bertin Technologies, a CNIM Group company, offers a complete range of NRBC risk detection and identification solutions: from the detection of gas to surveillance networks for radioactivity. These solutions are designed to meet the needs of armed forces, civil security forces and operators of security-sensitive infrastructure.

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Optronic Surveillance

Bertin Technologies, a CNIM Group company, is a leading player in the market for optronic surveillance equipment, for both public and private contractors. Its devices combine high-technology sensors with image processing units. This expertise has enabled the company to develop innovative devices that can be operated by day or by night.

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Cyber Security

The protection of sensitive IT systems and critical infrastructure has become a major issue for all organizations. Bertin IT, a CNIM Group company that is specialized in cyber security, provides solutions that ensure the neutralization of USB threats, the securing of networks interconnections and the protection of sensitive data within multi-domain workstations.

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Expert words

“In the face of ever more widespread and sophisticated attacks, cyber security relies on having several lines of defense. When it cannot prevent a threat from materializing, it has to be able to isolate it and then neutralize it”.

David Bertin

VP Product Security Solutions, Bertin IT, Montigny-le-Bretonneux, France

Digital Intelligence

Bertin IT, a CNIM Group company, has expert knowledge of advanced data analysis systems for cyber intelligence. The data analyzed is multi-source and multi-format, with its solutions meeting the most demanding needs.

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