Custom Equipment & Absorption Technology

CNIM heat pumps and chillers are built to meet demanding quality and performance standards. They are intended for energy producers, heating and cooling network operators, the oil, chemicals and petrochemicals sectors, process industries and shipbuilding industries.

Our teams are on hand to advise you on energy efficiency matters, and to identify the most appropriate solution for your needs and environment.

Key specifications of our equipment


  • Thermal performance to suit our customers' needs
  • Variable geometry & dimension to meet space and access requirements
  • Open to specific requests: documentation, special materials, harsh environments, etc.

High-performance materials

  • Corrosion-resistant pipes (duplex stainless steel or titanium)
  • 316L stainless steel internal pipes and spray system

Interfaced instrumentation and control

  • Interface with the plant's I&C system for optimum heat pump/process integration

Long service life

  • Anti-crystallisation and anti-icing systems enable through-life servicing for heat pump pipes.
  • Vacuum pressure is maintained and non-condensable gases removed by a passive system that operates without electricity.
  • Maintenance operations are facilitated by the equipment's ergonomic design.

Compliance with standards

  • CNIM equipment complies with the European Pressure Equipment Directive (PED) and French standards (Order of 20 November 2017 stipulating extractable steam generators).
  • Our equipment is monitored by a notified independent inspection organisation

Custom-designed equipment for maximum energy efficiency

CNIM tackles customers' energy efficiency challenges by providing custom-designed 1 MW and larger heat pumps and chillers.

Each heat pump and chiller is sized and optimised to suit the customer's specific requirements, considering the relevant thermal data, the requested flow rate and power rating, the available space and utilities, etc.

Our equipment can be customized at best cost: our technical solutions are standardized, enabling our engineers to quickly design the machine.

Our heat pumps and refrigeration units can be adapted for use in the harshest environments, and are suitable for installation aboard ships or at petrochemical and nuclear facilities.

Absorption heat transformer technology - Multiple benefits

CNIM has been using proven Absorption Heat Transformer (AHT) in its heat pumps and refrigeration units for the past 30 years.

Easy, optimized operation

  • Fully automatic operation
  • Low noise and vibration levels
  • Control range: 10-100% of maximum power

Energy efficiency

  • Lost heat recovery
  • Very low electricity consumption

High equipment reliability

  • Maintenance: 1-3 days every six months
  • No toxic or explosive fluids
  • 99% availability between maintenance outages, due to the small number of rotating parts (e.g. turbines, pumps, etc.).

Learn more about absorption heat transformer technology and the operating principles of our equipment

Principe de fonctionnement de nos machines

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